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Don’t Work 80 Hours a Week for Elon Musk, or Anyone

Musk claims "nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week." Not only is that totally wrong, it's a trademark of boss exploitation.
Rick Paulas

Capturing the Supernatural Elements of Our World

Rendering cultural and natural transformations democratically, photographer Michael Lundgren reveals an unaccountable world in his series 'Matter.'
Michael Lundgren
Life Inside

I Learned to Play Violin in Prison

Then I used music to grieve my father's death.
Jason Naradzay
Organized Crime

Meet the Unconventional Mafia Boss Who Inspired 'Godfather' Don Corleone

Just like the movie legend, Frank Costello survived assassination and tried to steer his family toward respectability after a brutal past.
Seth Ferranti
So Bored Today

Researchers Say That Smartphones Are Causing ADHD-Like Symptoms in Adults

It's not good enough to just put your phone away in your bag.
Jake Kivanc
So Bored Today

It's Not Just You, Most Millennials Are Bored at Work

A new survey says that millennials are the generation least engaged at work, and most of us are ready to look for new jobs. What's wrong with us?
VICE Staff
What's On Tonight

Catch an All New Episode of 'HUANG'S WORLD' Tonight on JawaPosTV

We travel along the US-Mexico boarder on 'HUANG'S WORLD,'
VICE Staff

We Talk to Spike Jonze About the Birth and Future VICE's TV Series

It's been a minute since VICE launched its own television channel in the US, and now we're bringing you some of our favorites right here in Indonesia.
VICE Staff
The Sick Day Issue

Figuring Out the Freelance Economy

Could new technology make the lives of freelancers less lonely and more secure?
Nathan Schneider
Israel and Palestine

The History and Rage Behind the Deadly Protests in Gaza

Reports of violent encounters with Israeli forces are not exactly rare in the deeply contested Palestinian territory. But this time feels different.
Patrick Hilsman

College Advice from a 75-Year-Old Who Went to School for 55 Years and Got 30 Degrees

His message to young people: Don't quit too soon.
Michael Nicholson as told to Emma Collins
climate change

The Next Millennial Trend Is Suing Big Oil for Destructive Climate Change

New York is the latest—and biggest—city to sue giants like BP and ExxonMobil over damage from extreme weather. It probably won't be the last.
John Surico