We Ask Indians How They Feel the Election Outcome Will Affect Their Lives

As the Narendra Modi-led BJP looks unstoppable in its victory, we ask around to see what people have to say.

VICE India Staff

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is Set to Come Back to Power Even Stronger

His re-election is said to be even more historic than his right-wing party’s landslide victory during the 2014 elections, because it's the first time a non-Congress prime minister has returned to power.

Pallavi Pundir

Inside the Lives of Workers Who Thrive on India’s Election Economy

From the taxi drivers and sound guys to the ones who print posters and compose political jingles, these unsung heroes are the most vital part of the world's biggest democratic exercise.

Zeyad Masroor Khan

Five Things To Know About Australia’s Election Results

As the country attempts to get its head around what happened last night, we are offering up a few bite-sized takeaways to get you through a day of political small talk.

VICE Staff

Young Australians Talk Climate Change, Immigration, Indigenous Affairs and more

In the lead up to Australia’s Federal Election, VICE invites people with a broad range of experiences and expertise to discuss the most pressing issues of our nation.


Political Rallies in the Indian Heartland Are Often Just a Family’s Day Out

We tag along with an 80-member family to know why a collective show of support for their politician of choice is important.

Zeyad Masroor Khan

Here’s How Young Filipino Voters Feel About The Election Results

As the Philippine midterm elections come to a close, we ask young Filipino voters how they feel about the results, and what they think comes next.

Lex Celera
Erika Agravante

After Philippine Midterm Elections, ‘Migrate’ Queries Spike on Google

It looks like some Filipinos were so unhappy with the election results that they were ready to move ASAP.

Lex Celera

Duterte’s Allies Dominate Unofficial Results in Philippine Senatorial Race

The results echo President Rodrigo Duterte's enduring popularity, as no opposition candidate manages to make it through.

VICE Staff

'I Held Back Tears': Young Filipinos Vote in Divisive Midterm Election

Young voters from across the country expressed mixed emotions of frustration and hope, as they cast their ballots in an election seen as a referendum on President Rodrigo Duterte and his policies.

Natashya Gutierrez
Lex Celera
Erika Agravante

Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know about the Philippine Midterm Elections

Duterte isn’t running, but this election is seen as a referendum on his presidency.

Natashya Gutierrez

This Political Party Is Offering Free Gold, Half-Price Alcohol and Goats on Eid If it Wins

“70 percent of people drink liquor only when they’re sad, and want to lift up their night after a hard day. Robbing these sad people is cruel.”

Zeyad Masroor Khan