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Nothing Unites Southeast Asians Faster Than Seeing a White Man Insult Their Food

People are understandably riled up after a viral tweet ranked Filipino food "worst" in the region.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
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Now That I Know the World is Doomed, Should I Get Into Advertising?

I’ve marched against climate change. I’ve read Naomi Klein. What else can I do?
Jordan Foisy
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Election Results Are Uncertain But One Thing Is Clear: Thailand Is Broken

'Before Thais can learn to have faith in the institutions that are so necessary to a functioning society, they need to start having faith in each other.'
James Buchanan
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I Voted For The First Time In Thailand And Felt Like My Voice Didn't Matter

'We were led to believe that this time we could help change the course of the country, that we had the power to create a better future for ourselves, using our voice. Yet once again, they suppressed us.'
Chonticha Thammarong
Christchurch shooting

I Am a Muslim New Zealand Woman And I Am As Angry As I Am Sad

“For so long we have been told to be quiet, to be invisible, to know our place and apologise for our very existence.”
Pakeeza Rasheed
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Trump's Weird Lie About Whether He Said 'Tim Apple' Is Making Us Dumber

How long can the president keep denying reality? A long time, it turns out!
Harry Cheadle
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The 11 Types of Trolls You Meet Online

From Purity Testers to Logic DESTROYERS, here are the people you encounter when you don't log off when you should.
Justin Caffier
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Even Millennials With Money Are Miserable Now

If you're not submerged in debt or the victim of a scam, you're still probably overwhelmed by worry about the future.
Alex Norcia
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Exposing Trump's Tax Returns Is Way More Important Than Impeachment

Democrats' upcoming fight to uncover Trump's financial dealings could reveal how the rich abuse the law—and help sink him.
Harry Cheadle
Rural Week NZ

Why Growing Up In a Gang Town Isn't Always What You Think

I almost never talk about being from Kawerau, New Zealand, not out of embarrassment, but because people make assumptions about your life.
Morgan Godfery

Christmas Presents Are Bad, Actually

Forget to get someone a gift? Let me provide you with after-the-fact justification.
Allie Conti
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Don’t Work 80 Hours a Week for Elon Musk, or Anyone

Musk claims "nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week." Not only is that totally wrong, it's a trademark of boss exploitation.
Rick Paulas