Environmental Extremes

We Visited the Mumbai Neighbourhood so Polluted It's Been Declared Unfit for Human Habitation

Mahul poses a dystopian and disturbing picture of what happens when you’re forced to live amidst extreme pollution. It’s a story that can only end in death, unless residents somehow scrape together the resources to leave.
Pallavi Pundir
5 days ago

Transgender People Tell Us Why India's Newly Proposed Rape Laws are Discriminatory

The fact that punishment for rape against cis-gendered women is more than seven years, but for the trans community, it ranges from six months to two years, has led to the #RapeIsRape campaign.
Pallavi Pundir

Pakistani Diplomat Confuses Porn Star with a Kashmiri Blinded by Pellets

Abdul Basit, the former Pakistani envoy to India, thought adult film actor Johnny Sins was a victim of violence in Kashmir and is now being heavily trolled by everyone, including the actor.
Shamani Joshi
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Bangladesh Bans Phone Access for 1 Million Rohingya Refugees Just in Case They Sell Drugs

The authorities say the refugees have been “abusing” phone services to traffic meth. But many say the move will simply just isolate the already persecuted Rohingya community.
Pallavi Pundir

This Photographer Captures the People Caught Between Violence and Politics in Kashmir

“Kashmir is misinterpreted and misunderstood so much, and there's this narrative that Kashmir is 'ours.' The conflict has been nationalised to such an extent that it's not about the individuals themselves who’re from the region.”
Pallavi Pundir
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Chinese Broadcaster Uses Famous Holocaust Poem to Compare Hong Kong Protesters to Nazis

The state news agency tweaked a poem by German pastor Martin Niemöller’s anti-Nazi poem, effectively comparing protesters to cowardly Germans who didn’t stand up to the Nazis.
Pallavi Pundir

Young Indians Are Killing Themselves for Not Being Allowed to Play PUBG

In the most recent case, a 17-year-old died by suicide after his mother scolded him for not paying attention to his studies and took away his phone.
Pallavi Pundir

How Homophobic Small Towns in India Celebrate Pride

In these conservative and orthodox pockets, LGBTQ communities find other ways to make their voices heard.
Pallavi Pundir
climate change

Indian 'Cult' Blames Climate Change on Capitalists, Gains Thousands of Followers

“All the deaths [of nature and humans] happening around us are because of the evildoing of these kinds of people.”
Pallavi Pundir

Indian Doctors Tell Us About the Times They Were Threatened and Abused

“There were days when the birth of a girl child would lead to verbal abuse because the patients’ family would say that just because a female doctor had conducted the procedure, it was a girl child.”
Pallavi Pundir

It Looks Like Germany's Worst Fear Just Happened: a Far-right Political Assassination

“There has never been a case like this in the history of [modern Germany]”
Tim Hume
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Parents in South Korea Are Upset They Can’t Beat Their Kids Anymore

The country’s plan to scrap the law allowing parents to physically discipline their children is causing quite the controversy among adults.
Shamani Joshi