yemen war

Yemeni Photographers Show the Horrors of the Country's Civil War

The five-year conflict has left 80 percent of the population in desperate need.
VICE Staff

The Stories You Lose When Your Refugee Family Splits Itself Up

After her entire family fled Iraq, my grandmother stayed behind because she didn't want to give up on the country she loves.
Sona Boker

Duterte Just Threatened to Go on a 'Suicide Mission' Against China

The Philippine president is confronting China over its presence in the South China Sea.
David Gilbert

Meet the Scientist Planning to Clean Up Space Junk Using Lasers

Humanity has left 900,000 pieces of garbage orbiting Earth. Professor Craig Smith wants a cleanup.
Mirjana Milovanovic

A North Korean Refugee on His Escape From 'the Best Country in the World'

Escaping North Korea cost him five years of his life. Jun Heo now wants to tell the whole world his story.
Guillaume Piedboeuf

Inside the Dangerous Life of a Female 'Fixer' in Iraq

"My mom, when she’s asking me when will I get married... I tell her, ‘Find me someone as strong as me and I will marry them, I promise.’”
Rebecca Gibian
International Women's Day 2019

How Pakistani Women are Using IWD to Push for Peace with India

With International Women's Day falling amid threats of war, anti-violence themes have become a prominent part of equality demonstrations.
Sabrina Toppa
violent times

From Tintin to AK-47s: A Teenage Tamil Tiger On Revolution And Terror

Listen to our new Podcast with Niromi Di Soyza, who joined the Tamil Tigers at 15.
Mahmood Fazal

The Forgotten Victims of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Seven years on after one of the most catastrophic natural and nuclear disasters in history, we return to Fukushima to tell the untold story of the the survivors who are still waiting to return home.
VICE Staff
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No, China Hasn’t Hijacked Canadian Sea Sensors To Spy on US Subs

A report from the South China Morning Post got the alt-right all bothered, but a fact check shows otherwise.
Ian J. Keddie

The Dawn of Killer Robots

Watch Motherboard's film on the evolving relationship between humans and robots, and what intelligent machines bode for the future of warfare and humanity.
Connelly LaMar and Brian Anderson
syrian war

Syrians Explain Why Nightlife in Damascus Is Thriving Despite the War

"When you've had to spend ten days locked inside due to rocket fire, you want to find somewhere you can get wasted."
Hala Mustafa