'Astro Bot' Is a Nintendo Quality Platformer That's Also a VR Stunner

Wipe the dust off your VR headset, put the cables in the right spot, and spend some time with the game engineered to make you smile.
Patrick Klepek
4 days ago

We Know Games Don't Cause Real-Life Violence, But Why?

A candid conversation with a professor who's actually done the work.
Patrick Klepek
Video Games

This Wacky Spy Game Asks You to Perform Realistic Espionage

'The Low Road' tests your more realistic spy abilities.
Cameron Kunzelman
Religion and games

In Thailand, Buddhist Monks Grapple with the Meaning of Video Games

Discussing games and reincarnation with Monks at Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Robert Rath
Video Games

A Slow Start to 2018 Video Games Is Finally Letting Me Enjoy 2017's

I could probably spend the whole year playing through everything I missed.
Patrick Klepek
Video Games

A Horror Game That Rejects The Usual Zombie Tropes

'These Four Walls Called Reality' is a rare game set in an apocalypse that rejects the idea that the social world was hunky-dory before.
Cameron Kunzelman

Football's New Reality Surpasses Games' Wildest, Most Excessive Dreams

Realistically a modeling a game so flooded with money that it has lost touch with reality.
Ian Williams

2017 Is Filled with Amazing Games. So Why Can't I Finish Any Of Them?

From 'Assassin's Creed Origins' to 'Nioh,' I keep bouncing off of games that on paper are totally solid.
Austin Walker
stranger things

'Stranger Things' Season Two Would be Great if Not For All That Sexism

I am in love with season 2 of ‘Stranger Things.’ Except for that 80s cinema sexism.
Danielle Riendeau
Video Games

Malaysian Gov't Temp Bans Steam Over Religious Fighting Game Starring Jesus

The game’s publisher claims it wasn’t consulted before the move was taken.
Patrick Klepek

The Benefits of Gaming Behind Bars

"When boredom kicks in, that's when people get edgy," said one prisoner, "but when there's a FIFA tournament going on, it brings people together."
Mike Diver
Retro Gaming

The SNES Mini Is Real, Includes ‘Star Fox 2,’ and Is Out in September

The previously rumored 16-bit mini-console features 21 games and, look, just hold me right now, okay?
Mike Diver