18 hours ago

Nearly Half of Individuals Sentenced to Death in Malaysia Are Foreigners

The executive director of Amnesty International Malaysia says foreign women in “these cases were quite obviously of unwitting drug mules.”


Survey Finds More Indian Women Are Playing Mobile Games Than Men

Turns out, Indian women are far more active on PUBG, Candy Crush and Clash of Clans than their male counterparts.


Students in India Got Their College to Lift Its Controversial Dress Code

Put in place in August because “thighs attract boys”, the St. Francis College for Women scrapped its regressive dress code after its students protested against it.


Pregnant Woman Says Her Baby Died After Prison Guards Stopped at Starbucks on the Way to the Hospital

Three women are suing the Orange County jail for substandard care while they were pregnant.


Study Finds Period Tracking Apps May Be Sharing Intimate Details with Facebook

Facebook also wants to know “if you are feeling happy, anxious or excited." And knowing when you are in a vulnerable state of mind means advertisers can strategically target you.


Elementary School Girls Compete in Japan’s National Sumo Competition for the First Time

“It’s not only boys who can practice or enjoy sumo.”


People Keep Filming Japanese Flight Attendants Without Their Consent

A new survey found that about 60 percent of flight attendants in Japanese airlines believe they have been secretly filmed or photographed while on duty.


Bangladeshi Women Turn to Female-Only Ride-Sharing Apps For Their Safety

90 percent of women in Bangladesh face sexual harassment on public transport, a longstanding concern for daily commuters.


It Will Soon Be Illegal to Get Paid as a Surrogate Mother in India

The proposed bill says surrogacy will only involve Indian couples, and will be done by a ‘close relative’, with no money involved.


Meet the Next Wave of DJs Shaking Up Chicago’s Storied Music Scene

i-D talked to the DJs breaking down barriers in the industry, normalizing gender equality, and asserting their presence in shaping Chicago’s DJ culture.


'I Lost Everything': The Obscene Cost of Being a Woman with a Chronic Health Problem

Medical debt hounds some people more than others.


South Korean Women Are Fighting Societal Pressure through the #NoMarriage Movement

A collective rejection of marriage and motherhood has empowered South Korean women to oppose the government's pressures for them to have children.