DIY Spirit Is the Only Thing Moving Indonesia's Alcohol Scene Forward

In response to tight regulations on alcohol distribution, people have started to produce their own safe—and most importantly cheap—booze in their backyard.
Adi Renaldi
Titah AW

Asia's Experimental Music Scene Is About to Explode

Some of the world's best experimental and noise acts recently converged in the Indonesian city of Jogja for Nusasonic, a massive eleven-day festival.
Yudhistira Agato
Tiitah AW

A Night at Indonesia's Anti-Tinder, Where Young Couples Go to Find Their One True Love

Golek Garwo is like Muslim speed dating, but in the end you end up married.
Titah AW

Exploring That Timeless Question: Is an Art Show About the Art or the Selfies?

Yeah, sure, it looks great, but can I take a selfie in front of it?
Galatia Puspasani
20 Years of Reformasi

Here's Everything I Learned From a Visit to a Museum Celebrating Suharto's Legacy

Twenty years after his fall, I went to a museum built by his family to see how they want us all to remember Indonesia's former dictator.
Titah AW

What It Takes to Rise to the Top of Indonesia's Amateur Dangdut Circuit

"It's hard to be a popular dangdut singer if you don't wear the sexy outfits or do the erotic dance moves. Most of my audience are horny men."
Titah AW

This Man Believes That Borobudur, the World's Biggest Buddhist Temple, Is Actually a UFO

And the craziest part is that Fahmi Basya's theories about Borobudur and King Solomon are actually gaining ground in some corners of Indonesia.
Adi Renaldi
scene report

Indonesian Hip-Hop Has a Lot to Learn from Jogja's Hellhouse

From supporting each others' releases to teaching beatmaking workshops to children, these guys are putting community first on Jalan Wijilan in Yogyakarta.
Herry Sutresna
land conflicts

Yogyakarta's New Airport Construction Project is Evicting Entire Villages

An inside look at the high cost of progress.
Titah AW
mental health

Is an Urban Legend About Meteors Causing People to Kill Themselves In Indonesia?

The myth of the pulung gantung still holds a powerful, and deadly, sway over the people of Gunung Kidul.
Shinta Maharani
music video

Indonesia's Screamo Band Tells A Tale of Forbidden Love In New Single

Yogyakarta-based Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth dropped their new music video on the most romantic day of the year—and it's bleak.
Yudhistira Agato
Weekend Recommendations

You Need to See Radioactivity Live, the New 'Pengabdi Setan,' and So Much More This Weekend

Start your weekend with a punk show and end it with a poetry reading.
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