Young Indians Are Killing Themselves for Not Being Allowed to Play PUBG

In the most recent case, a 17-year-old died by suicide after his mother scolded him for not paying attention to his studies and took away his phone.
Pallavi Pundir
VICE Votes

Here’s How Young Filipino Voters Feel About The Election Results

As the Philippine midterm elections come to a close, we ask young Filipino voters how they feel about the results, and what they think comes next.
Lex Celera
Erika Agravante
sri lankan attacks

We Ask Sri Lankan Catholic Youth How the Easter Bombings Changed Their Lives

“The fact that all those people died in a church—a place we all thought beyond doubt was one of the safest places to be in—is just not fair.”
Cassendra Doole
Australia Today

Australian Teens are Taking Twice as Much Ecstasy as Three Years Ago

Despite the government's "just say no" campaign, an increasing number of high school students appear to be saying "yes."
Gavin Butler
mental health

New Year, Same Struggles: Is Total LGBTQ Acceptance a Myth In India?

To help understand and normalize the conversations around the community, we asked its younger reps about their most pressing mental health issues.
Noel D'souza

Beatboxing Is Taking Over Northeast India, One Youth at a Time

Ahead of the Indian Beatbox Championship in Bengaluru this weekend, these guys from the other side of the Chicken's Neck are making their presence known.
Diwash Gahatraj

An Open Library in India Is Asking You to Steal Its Books

Srijana Subba, a teacher and owner of the Book Thief Open Library, wants to cultivate reading habits to counter disturbing trends among the youth in the Himalayan foothills.
Anjana Parikh

This Skateboarding Competition Is a Nod to a Fledgling Revolution in India

Jugaad—in its fourth edition now and organized by full-time skateboarder Gautham Kamath—is one of the most anticipated events in a country where the form is fast gaining currency.
Noel D'souza
Chatham Islands

The Joy and Boredom of Being Young in New Zealand's Most Remote Outpost

No cell reception, one pub, few faces you haven’t seen before. What life is like on the Chatham Islands, the most isolated corner of one of the most isolated countries in the world.
James Borrowdale

Surreal Photos of Strangers and Lovers in a Paris Hotel

No. 223 (aka Lin Zhipeng) took over the Hôtel Grand Amour for three days, capturing models he found on Instagram — "All Asians. And older than 18!"— in playfully erotic posts.
Sarah Moroz

In Indian Villages, Jobless Men Run to Join the Army

Amid mounting unemployment, these village men can be seen running at all times of the day and night, with a singular mission to get into the army.
Zeyad Masroor Khan