The Spirit of Unhinged and Bonkers Hardcore Lives On in Total Reality

Listen to the German band’s new demo and rip the elastic from your own t-shirt.

05 November 2016, 1:06am

The energy and vigor of classic 80s hardcore jump kicks out of Total Reality​, a four-piece from Mannheim, Germany, who take the pure aggression of bands such as Urban Waste and The Abused and wrap it all up like a vegan Kalbsrouladen. 

Triggertime their new six-track demo, to be released soon on SFR-HC​, brims with the kind of unhinged, 'there are now serious concerns for the saftey of the band and audience' style associated with old-school hardcore.

SFR-HC were responsible for the second Reckless Aggression demo and it sounds like Total Reality vocalist Lil Seb has taken note of the vocal style of Reckless Aggression's notorious Meatdog. Bat shit.

Recorded by the band's guitarist Yannick Grönlund, who has done time in two-piece Missing Link​, the sound is very much that of a raw and crude demo but it adds to the aggressive, 'rip the elastic from your shirt' tone of the music.  Besides, you don't want a song called "Manhunt" sounding too slick.

'Triggertime' will be available soon on SFR-HC.

Image: Bandcamp

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