We Asked Artists to Respond to Bill Leak's Nazi Comic

On Wednesday The Australian published another ill-conceived cartoon depicting LGBTIQ people as Nazis. We asked artists to retaliate.

by VICE Staff
22 September 2016, 12:00am

Yesterday, cartoonist Bill Leak published yet another comic in The Australian. Yet again, it was vile—just swap out the racism of last time for homophobia. In the place of a young Aboriginal boy and his father, this time there was a troop of Nazi soldiers dressed in rainbow—a symbol of the LGBQTI community. Honestly, no one needs a think piece explaining to Bill Leak that likening people who were actually targeted by the Nazis to Nazis is messed up.

And for a while, we thought maybe it's just time to start ignoring Bill Leak. Really this outrage and the clicks that come with it is all he, and The Australian, really want.

But then we thought, fuck it. If Bill Leak gets a platform, all those people slandered by him—those who identify as LGBTQI, those who think art is a force for good in the world—they deserve one too. So here we go, artists respond to Bill Leak, round two.

Aaron Billings

Kate Moon


Ashley Goodall

Andrew Levins

Madison Griffiths