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Tour an Insanely Photorealistic Computer-Generated Paris Apartment

Benoît Dereau generates a chic, modern flat using 'Unreal Engine 4.'

by Emerson Rosenthal
28 January 2015, 5:15pm

If you've ever hunted for an apartment online, chances are you've come across the kind of shaky smartphone video tour that screams "you're gonna have to see this in person." Thanks to the work of self-described CG generalist, level designer, and environmental artist Benoît Dereau, however, these overexposed pseudo-immersions may soon be a thing of the past. Using Epic's Unreal Engine 4, Dereau has generated a photorealistic demonstration of the inside of a Paris apartment, replete with hardwood furniture, modern art, and enough wrought iron light fixtures to make the white light pouring in from the massive French windows look like an overindulgence.

With textures from CGTextures, 3D furnishings from Designconnected, architectural models from Evermotion, and rounded out with a soundtrack from Sigur Rós, the result shows the gloriously uncanny potential of the rendering suite. While YouTube commenters bemoan the fact that it could be years before consoles can handle the level of graphical realism seen here, it's a stunning portal into a future of possibilities for gamers, developers, and realtors, alike. 

Check out some screenshots from Dereau's demo below:

Visit Benoît Dereau's website for more from the artist. 

H/t VRWorld


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