The Making-Of This Pixar-esque Clay Sculpture Is Extremely Satisfying [Premiere]

Jim McKenzie's intense focus on the details of sculpting clay is addicting to watch.

by Beckett Mufson
09 June 2016, 4:30pm

Screencap via

A cast of pop-surrealist characters that look like angry Pixar animations has taken over Santa Monica's Copro Gallery. These creations are the work of real-life Geppetto Jim McKenzie, a sculptor who spends the day making his characters into moving boys and girls at animation studio Aardman Nathan Love. Among the creations on view at his show, Lost Magic,  are a feral-looking raccoon-unicorn hybrid, a mystical-looking three-eyed dog, and a purple-haired scarecrow with a shocked look on his face. The Creators Project premieres an incredibly gratifying video ellucidating all the little details that go into The Scarecrow to life. From carving the details on his shoes to imprinting his hat with burlap to give it texture, McKenzie's focus and nuance are addicting to watch.

See our full coverage of Lost Magic here, and fixate on McKenzie's tiny tools in the video below.

See more of Jim McKenzie's work on his website.


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