Spodee Boy Could Be The Only Band In Tennessee Making Music Inspired By UV Race

His six-track cassette of munted and busted punk has now become a six-track seven-inch of munted and busted punk.

by Tim Scott
27 April 2017, 11:03am

Spodee Boy is a guy called Connor. He lives in Nashville and plays in various punk bands including Chainshot and Soft Option. Spodee Boy is his outlet for obnoxious and primitive sounding punk and for a while there he seemed to be the 'go to' guy for any punk band cruising through town who wanted some local edge on their lineup.

A little while ago he released an amazing cassette of cheap and munted recordings.

Jimmy was a fan and the blown out recordings made a slight dent in the internet punk world. Now local label Drop Medium is releasing the six tracks on vinyl.

You can listen to the tracks and read a brief chat we had with Spodee Boy below.

Noisey: Your new release is called Red State. With the exception of the Clinton years Tennessee has traditionally been a red state. Is Nashville an exception or is a pretty conservative city?
Spodee Boy: Outside of the hip bubble I personally live in, I feel like Nashville is a pretty conservative city. Come live here and form your own opinion though! The song "Red State" is about being force fed what you should believe, from the intro to some of the later lyrics in the song. "Hey baby, you comin' to the show tonight?"

How different are the new songs from the ones that appeared on Sterile World?
Sterile World was a demo I recorded in January 2016 with the exception of "III" and was made purely just to see if I could make an EP on my own. I was listening to a lot of Cuntz and UV Race. The song "Purple Bodies" was a sound check I did and later realized it was "Burn That Cat" by UV Race,  haha. I had no interest in playing shows or releasing these songs, I just wanted to record them. "Red State" and "Sweatin'" are the newest songs I have recorded as of 2017. 

"Sweatin'" is about being called out in any aspect you can imagine. "#1 Hit" was the fourth song I ever recorded and is an ode to "psychedelic rock" but also poking mad fun at it. "II" was originally called "Black Bandages", because it references washing dishes at a shitty jobn until the bandages turned black and also talking shit at fellow "golden" employees. "Spodee Boy" was the first song I ever recorded and was a reference to old bands I was in as well as taking shots at bullshit "noise punk" bands.

You went out on tour with Erik Nervous. Do you guys get along?
Erik Hart, Roldy and Night Jeff are some of the best people I have ever toured with. Erik is a funny guy. We all got along very well and I hope we all go out again this fall on a proper east coast tour. Also me and Erik recorded a song together in Chicago that will hopefully be out soon.

What is going on with Chainshot these days?
Chainshot is my longest running band, three years as of this month. The band was made to be the fastest hardcore punk band we could conceive and I think we live up to the title "fastest band in Tennessee" personally. 

It seems you are a fan of Low Life. What is it about those dirtbags that you dig?
Lyrics. They have some of the best lyrics and riffs I have ever heard. "ALL MY FRIENDS ARE PUNKER SCUM, JADED AND BITTER AND FADED AND TWISTED". Chainshot played a show with Iceage and Institute last summer that Low Life was supposed to play but I guess crossing our borders is a little harder than I realized! Also, if any member of the band is reading this, I have been trying to get a shirt forever and you all won't email me back!

I have to say Cuntz, UV Race, Low Life, Orion and Terry are the best current bands in Australia from my shitty perspective.

'Sterile World' is available now through Drop Medium.