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Stream Ben UFO's Recent Set from Japan While You Download His (Unedited) 2013 Essential Mix

Six hours of Ben, on the house.

by THUMP Staff
14 October 2015, 11:28pm

Ben UFO, formerly just the nicest man in contemporary dance music, is now the most generous too. In a post on Facebook earlier this afternoon, the Hessle Audio main man gave away a 3.5hr set recorded live at Factory, in Osaka on his recent tour of Japan and uploaded a brand new, ident free version of his incredible Essential Mix from 2013. It's Ben UFO DJing for nearly six hours. You don't need us blathering on. Check both mixes out in full below. Oh, both are downloadable as well, so why not load up the Creative Zen player and skive off work for the rest of the day. Thank us later.

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Ben UFO performs at Let Them Eat Cake takes place at Werribee Showgrounds on January 1 2016 at Werribee Gardens, Victoria AUS. Tickets on sale now.

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