Timecop1983 Surfs a Dreamwave to a Neon Past with 'Reflections'

Take a trip back to when Goonies reigned supreme.

Jul 3 2015, 3:20am

Timecop1983, is a practised master, retro-drenched in nostalgic chimes of the synth. Hailing from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Leenaerts has been in awe of the 80s, the decade that bore the electronic music dawn. Cutting his teeth on DOS-based software, Scream Tracker, which he experimented with everything from hip-hop to minimal techno, before settling on synth based Dreamwave. Taking his inspiration from artists like Miami Nights 1984, College, Waveshaper and Sunglasses Kid.

He manages to create a blend of analogue nostalgia that melts you with synth-based romance, which is the perfect soundtrack to any 80's VHS cassette. Reflection does not disappoint. Full of rich, pulsating synths and superbly sidechained, bass-lines that would sound totally epic on a Walkman or through speakers.

With retro slow-fade waves Reflections has the power to transport you Back to the Future to a time where the Goonies reigned supreme and you'd spend all your time at the mall with your friends, looking at girls in neon hot-pants.

We had a chat with Timecop1983 about his next move, live shows and what it takes to be 80s:

THUMP: Jordy what is your obsession with 80s/90s synth music?
Timecop1983: It reminds me of my childhood in the 80's and 90's. I was born in 1983 (hence the name) and loved everything about the eighties and I have the feeling everybody feels the same about that era. I see it as a time of no worries and my aim is to take the listener back to that feeling and create a real nostalgic feeling. So that when you hear the music you can see your first love again or picture yourself at a beach during a pastel coloured sunset.

How would you best describe your genre?
The 80's inspired genre has many names. So many I can't keep up anymore. But I think the best name for my music would be Dreamwave, because of the dreamy/romantic sound. Otherwise Synthwave or Retrowave would probably be the name for it.

What inspires a Timecop 1983 track?
I can't say I get inspiration from a specific thing or doing something in particular, but I can get inspiration from anything: from music I hear on the radio to everyday situations. Usually I start a new track with the pads or the bass and play around with that until I come up with a melody. Only in a few songs I started with a clear melody in my head.

What's next for you and your music?
Currently I am working on music for the videogame Crossing Soulsby Fourattic. It's an old school action adventure game with RPG touches about a few friends that fight against an army to avoid a war between worlds. The game is scheduled for March 2016 and will be published by Devolver Digital (they published Hotline Miami as well).Also, I am currently working on my first live show. I've been asked by one of the larger clubs in my area and they are very interested in booking me for a show, so I'm looking into that now. I've never done a live show, so I have to do a lot of research and need to buy some new gear for it. And I would love to perform with a band, so I'm talking to some musicians about performing. Once this goes right, I would like to do more live shows. But that will be something for the future.

'Reflections' is released on Timecop1983's Bandcamp page and will be available on cassette and CD. Digital distribution on Spotify, iTunes working together with NewRetroWave Records.

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