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Shit Suddenly Gets Very Real in Migos' Violent "Narcos" Video

The latest 'Culture II' clip finds the trio and 21 Savage enjoying their riches before the law bears down upon them.

by Phil Witmer
27 June 2018, 11:57pm


Migos have been quiet for a bit, letting "Walk It Talk It" become possibly the biggest hit off of Culture II thanks to its hilarious, Drake-starring music video. The trio's new clip is for album cut "Narcos," and it's a total about-face from the goofs of their previous visual.

Much of the video has the Migos partying and stunting around a vaguely Latin American mansion, calling up the Escobar imagery that's undergone a revival in the wake of the song's namesake TV series. What must be definitely illegal items are loaded into Quality Control-branded packages and everyone enjoys a feast... until the cops show up and things devolve into a shootout faster than you can say "Scarface is in no way Brian De Palma's best movie." 21 Savage also shows up wielding an Uzi because he seems to enjoy being in music videos that could also be crime films. You can watch the "Narcos" video above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.