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Big Narstie Is a Better Actor Drunk Than You Are Sober

He comes for Denzel's crown in these Noisey-exclusive clips from new comedy-horror film 'Double Date.'

by Noisey UK Staff
11 October 2017, 7:52pm

You may know Big Narstie as a rapper, YouTube advice guru, or live action role-player, but it's important that you know that he's an actor too, and a very serious one at that. Having had roles in Anuvahood, Rise of the Footsoldier, London State of Mind, and, in his own words to us, "a few personal specials on Pornhub," Narstie has taken his craft to the next level in new British Ben Barfoot-directed horror movie Double Date, about – you've guessed it – a double date that goes slightly awry (there are serial killers involved). And because we're good to you, we've got a few exclusive clips of his best moments and a performance snippet in a club scene. On top of that, somewhat unexpectedly, the film also features a performance from Swedish acid rock, 'we raided the tribal festival fashion section of Urban Outfitters then ripped it to shreds' band Goat. That's a gig lineup you're probably unlikely to see play an underground club ever again tbh.

According to the people in charge, Narstie improvised most of his lines, establishing him, quite clearly, as one of the finest British actors in recent years. Both Narstie and Goat were "filmed in a warehouse in one day with real fans turning up and being given booze", director Ben told us. "Each act would play whatever set they wanted and we just went with whatever happened. So all the gigs are real and shot with multiple cameras to try and get the proper feel of a gig. But while that was happening, we were shooting scenes with characters behind the crowd to give scenes a sense of scale."

When we asked him about this new string on his already highly-decorated bow, Narstie said: "I've done acting before. Denzel Washington I'm fucking coming for you motherfucker. I'm gonna offer you out at the next Oscars." He continued, "I was drunk on set I think. I treated it more like a party." And that's pretty much what went down. In the words of the director, "Narstie also performed a scene where he was supposed to say one line, but he was hammered and just did his own monologue which was hilarious and we stuck it in the film." For the record, Narstie says he doesn't like horror films. "Do you remember Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nickelodeon? I was shit scared of that. And Goosebumps. Remember Goosebumps." There you go.

See the clips featuring him and Goat above, and marvel at his gravitas while sloshed. Double Date lands in UK theatres this Friday 13 October, where you can see this all play out in full.

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