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Oily Boys Are Back and They Have Some Grievance

The Sydney band are heading to Melbourne to play Maggot Fest VIII.

by Tim Scott
12 October 2017, 9:07am

Whoah, shit just popped off. Oily Boys have crushed a new track and as we've come to expect from the Sydney band, it's not for the meek.

"Cabramaverick" is born from a frustration with most of the population, job dissatisfaction that verges on psychosis, and your basic flailing around, barely controlled hardcore.

Taken from an upcoming promo tape, the word that comes to mind after listening to "Cabramaverick" a few times is general rancor. The feeling of wanting to annihilate.

Featuring members of Orion and Low Life, the band are returning to Melbourne in a few weeks to play Maggot Fest VIII. Stand back. Grip your drink.

Oily Boys play Maggot Fest VIII