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Kevin Durant is Clapping Back at Everyone on Twitter This Week

We are happy to report that the Finals MVP is back on his bullshit.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
23 August 2017, 4:11am

Joshua Dahl—USA TODAY Sports

If there's one rule out here in these mean-ass Twitter streets, it's don't feed the trolls. They'll only come back for more. Well, Kevin Durant seems to have brought a Costco-sized pack of Wonder Bread to the bridge, because the NBA Finals MVP is out here liberally sprinkling tweets, shouting down the haters this week.

KD's first victim was ESPN—and rightfully so! Earlier this week, ESPN launched a fantasy football segment that was about as tone deaf as it possibly could have been, which portrayed black NFL players as purchasable items at a predominantly white auction. As if the NFL combine and draft didn't give you weird enough doomed-to-repeat-history vibes.

On Tuesday, KD didn't come at ESPN with a scorcher, but rather a kind of cut-from-the-back-of-a-cereal-box diss for ESPN:

Not content with bum ass ESPN, KD approached his next victim: a goddamn school teacher. An Imgur user uploaded an image of what they claim is a handout from their brother's teacher in which students are urged to approach life (and schoolwork) like Michael Jordan, instead of Kevin Durant.

The whole thing is just a kind of fun whatever spin on the tired, chest beating accusations that KD is a traitor to OKC. (The man made a move for his career, people.) Well, KD came across SB Nation's post on it all and was none too pleased:

That's a little...extreme, KD. The man is either actually feeling these feelings right now, or is playing a spectacular game with all of us. As if the Finals MVP wants to lock up some random ass teacher for a handout...Notably weird either way.

And then KD went back at it yet again, just five minutes later. Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry—who recently expressed a desire to do more political reporting—condemned KD because he said he wouldn't visit the White House if Donald Trump invited the Warriors, saying he should have met with Trump to show his true leadership.

This is kind of a bunk proposal—it's not like he'll get amazing one-on-one time with Trump to really show him what's up. KD's absence speaks louder than a "brave visit." So this was KD's response:

Someone needs to teach KD how to shit talk. Maybe some lessons from Larry Bird would help. The boo-hoo/emoji combination isn't really cutting it. And just when you thought KD was done for the day, he went after the randos, too.

Ah, the NBA summer over yet?

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