Camgirls Tell Us About the Weirdest Requests They’ve Gotten

The range of human sexuality is vast and delightful.

by Allison Tierney
02 February 2018, 1:32am

Photo courtesy of cam model Jane Wilde

An advantage the camming industry has provided porn consumers is the ability to put in special requests and customize their fapping experiences. While cam models can set their own goals they want to hit in sessions on live-streaming sites, they also have the option of taking requests from clients, whether it be for a private show or a pre-recorded video.

Since the range of human sexuality is unimaginably vast, we reached out to cam models to ask them about the most stand-out requests they’ve gotten over the course of their careers.

“I usually never want to make a guy feel weird about his fetish,” Avery Saunders, who’s been camming for over six years, told VICE. ”I’ll say what I can do and then state what I’m comfortable with doing.”

I think we can all agree that kink-shaming is a bad thing to do, but please think of the following examples of interesting requests cam models have gotten as a celebration of just how varied our sexual fetishes can be:

“Weirdest thing I’ve been asked to do is virtually ‘change’ a man’s dirty diaper. I’m still not sure how it would have worked logistically… I’ve also been asked to bottle my cum into a very specific Tupperware. I did fulfill the Tupperware request, took days. The diaper gentleman was willing to offer me the equivalent to $20 for a half-hour Skype.... I obviously declined.” —Ryland Baby, camming for two years

“I get requests from people to put on clothing, so I have a tip for that in my menu. I have also had people tip me to dump all liquids in my fridge all over my body (sploshing fetish), which amusingly resulted in a show I do for special occasions because it was so fun.” o0Pepper0o, camming for over five years

Screenshot submitted

“Vomiting during deep throat on a dildo, farts, and a guy asking for child pics of me. A guy wanted me to get a box of kittens to yell at them and then strip.

Lots of race stuff too: Some men will request I dress up like the typical hood girl like big hoop earrings, red lipstick, and talk a certain way to them give them attitude. Some guys will just ask that you agree and then say stuff like ‘You’re a beautiful black goddess I’m your white peasant, right?!’ Also the other way around, some guys will say stuff like, ‘I want to make you my slave, I’ll be your master.’

I’ve had guys want me to mail them dirty panties or bodily fluids in a small jar. One guy liked if I wore a heavy coat.” Avery Saunders

“It's hard to decide what's weird anymore. After doing this for so long, crazy fetishes are kind of the norm. But there are a few that stand out: My favourite was a client that wanted me to pretend to be a zombie—drooling, walking with my hands out and limp wrists, moaning ‘braiiinssss.’ That was a ton of fun.

Another was a guy that wanted me to role-play as his pet tiger, and ‘shit on the floor while looking fiercely into the camera.’ That one I declined. Another request I get pretty frequently is to shave my head or parts of it, which has always struck me as strange. I haven't been offered enough money to do it yet though.” Dahlia Dee, camming for over six years

“In no particular order:

  • In a girl-guy-girl show we had a request, of all the available possibilities, for us two girls to leave and let the guy jack off
  • Food, specifically sausages or hotdogs. [He wanted me to] have sex with it, use like a dildo without a condom. He kept asking me to take the condom off, but no way! He obviously didn't understand feminine PH and its delicacy.
  • Walk around outside first and get the bottoms of my feet dirty
  • Smoke cigarette and ignore
  • Balloon friendship: not popping them… petting, doting, and saving them from being popped at parties
  • Sneezing and nose-blowing
  • Farting into the cam, making sure to get close to cam so they could see the opening, and shrinking of bum hole during

These are beyond my limits: wanting their diapers changed, or wanting you to wear one and fill it. Those are at the top of My ‘weird’ and ‘fuck no’ lists."

Alissa Black, camming for almost ten years

“The strangest request I ever got was to balance a high-heel shoe on my head for 30 seconds. He paid half upfront, and half after I did it. He only wanted 30 seconds, but I lasted two minutes. I probably charged like 200 tokens ($20 to him and $10 to me). It was a fun-spirited day, so I just went with the weirdness.” Melody Kush, camming full-time for five and a half years

“I’ve gotten some weird requests for private shows and clips, like putting cheese slices all over myself and laying still. I think they wanted orange-coloured cheese like cheddar, which i happened to have! To this day I’m not sure why… [Also] rubbing cake all over my body and dancing.

Food requests are pretty rare, but when I do get them, they’re very specific and detailed. You can tell that the people who request it know what they want to see and probably can’t find it anywhere else. More often, I get clothing related requests like just modeling clothes or trying on shoes while they get off.” Jane Wilde, camming for one year, four months

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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This article originally appeared on VICE CA.

This article originally appeared on VICE CA.