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Impressive Crowdfunded Sci-Fi Short Created Using Open Source Software

<p>Hats off to the Blender Foundation for creating this <span class="caps">VFX</span> feast <i>Tears of Steel</i>.</p>

by Kevin Holmes
28 September 2012, 2:32pm

If you wanted proof of how free technology is giving the everyman the tools to make VFX like the best of them, then look no further than this short sci-fi film Tears of Steel. Add to that the fact that it’s crowdfunded, and you can imagine it must be bringing tears of joy to open source advocates the world over.

Made using open source 3D graphics software Blender, it’s the Blender Foundation‘s fourth film and it’s an admirable effort with impressive VFX and motion graphics. Sure, plenty of people have been making some great sci-fi short films on their computers, but the fact that the visual effects are created here with something that is freely available for anyone to download, makes the enjoyment of this even more sweeter.

The plot involves a lovelorn killer robot trying to destroy the world (hate it when that happens), and a holodeck-style recreation of the past to avert such a catastrophe.