Internet Explodes After a Couple Posts Passive-Aggressive Tipping 'Trick'

This is a golden tip for anyone who wants to eat out like a huge jerk.

10 February 2019, 1:00am

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES US.

A while ago an unknown person wrote a message on Facebook in which he explains how he and his wife make sure that they are served on their way when they go out to eat.

His trick, which follows the tried and tested method of punishment and reward, went viral. Not because it is genius, but because the whole world agrees that the anonymous author is an asshole.

The message suggests that to "get the best service of your life," you simply have to put five dollar notes on the edge of the table at the start of your dinner, where the waiter can see them very clearly. " The message goes on: "Do not say anything about the money, but every time the ministry does something wrong, you take one away."

This technique, which according to the author works, is an idea that his wife and he have "played with for a long time." The actual testing of it has been on their bucket list for a while. Why should you behold the beauty of the Taj Mahal if you can also provoke the unsuspecting service of restaurants?

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The anonymous post has been circulating on the internet for a while and is now also on a Reddit page where cheap people give each other advice, somewhere behind: "Leave your droppings lying in the toilet bowl for a few hours so you do not have to rinse as often and that way saves money. "

Yes, I understand that it is fun for someone who does not understand dog food to try out such a trick, but for anyone who appreciates the hard work of the ministry, seeing such a post is terribly annoying. As if people in the ministry do not have enough things to stress about.

First, does this guest take his wife out for dinner at a snack bar? Otherwise, the five dollars that he puts on the table is a laughably low amount to start such an experiment.

Secondly, does it mean to say that you have spent a long time working with a clipboard, a checklist and a calculator to take every step your server takes? "I took away a dollar first because she did not bring bread, but then she made a comeback by bringing extra bread, and I put that dollar back." Yes, that really sounds like a great night out.

Finally, the technique of that man is not as original as he thinks himself. As the website Snopes already reported : the TV series Cheers and 3rd Rock from the Sun have complete episodes based on this scenario. In Cheers , the girl of the ministry responded as any other waiter would do with common sense: she suggested that every time the guest took a note, she would have a beer in his face flickering. Sounds like a good plan.