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Watch the Exclusive Music Video for Above & Beyond's "Hello"

THUMP and Bud Light Platinum partner to create the visuals to Above & Beyond's next smash hit.

by David Garber
07 April 2014, 8:00pm

Perhaps better than anyone else in dance music, Above & Beyond know how to tell a story. They've established a decade-plus career by creating euphoric, larger-than-life soundscapes, often paired with emotional melodies and harmonic vocals that quickly invade the body and find a home deep in the heart.

Unlike countless other producers who have made their names penning tracks that glorify the party, Jono, Tony and Paavo take an elevated approach by celebrating the intricacies of love and the world around us. Their newest masterpiece "Hello," is certainly no different.

Thump and Bud Light Platinum partnered to create the perfect video for the song. The story follows three New Yorkers who all set out on a quest to achieve their dreams and overcome the challenges and limitations of their own lives. For these hard working, passionate people, it is their connection with music that ultimately triggers their moment of liberation. It would seem fitting that this video is shot in New York City, the mecca for all people trying to achieve the impossible.

Beginning with a grinding electro intro and quickly transitioning into an atmospheric trance breakdown, "Hello" pulls you in and continues to turn it up all the way to the very last note. Watch the new video for Above & Beyond's latest hit now.