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Listen to Cadenaxo Cover Mexican Hardcore Punk Legends Herejia

Though they've been compared to classic 80s USHC bands like SSD and Negative Approach, the cover is the standout on their latest release.

by Tim Scott
13 April 2017, 6:41am

Herejia, one of the most influential bands of the Mexican hardcore scene, formed in Ciudad Neza in 1986. Over the course of their career they railed against the church, government, and drug dealers and their label Herejía Punk Music released a bunch of excellent Mexican demo cassettes and comps.

Mexico City punks Cadenaxo have covered the Herejia track "Bastardo" on their latest release Belleza Mexicana and it is no less ripping or savage as when it was first recorded.

The songs on Belleza Mexicana first appeared as a four-song flexi released last year on Spanish label Discos Enfermos but have recently resurfaced (along with the cover) on a new vinyl release through San Bernadino label Verdugo Discos

Known for their frantic live shows, Cadenaxo have toured the US where some compared them to classic 80s USHC bands like SSD, Negative Approach, and S.O.A.. But it's their cover of Herejia that is the standout on this latest release.

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