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200 LED-Infused Syringes Bring Spanish Health Care Policy to Light

The guerrilla art installation is a just the latest in a string of activism from Madrid studio Luzinterruptus.
11 December 2014, 3:00pm
Images courtesy of the artist

For one recent night, a small field of light appeared outside the Health Ministry in Madrid. The array of 200 illuminated feeding syringes, planted by creative studio Luzinterruptus to protest Spanish health care policy, was the latest in a string of guerilla activism art projects which previously included floating 1,400 illuminated gloves through a French lake, building a 6,000-plastic bottle labyrinth, and erecting a 4,000-plastic bag holiday tree to raise awareness for environmentalism.

Of the Health Care Light installation, captured in the images below, the studio writes: "We injected light and some transparence into the dark, murky atmosphere of the Ministry."

Visit the Luzinterruptus website here for more luminous installations.


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