Giant Glowing Toilets Protest Spain’s New Public Safety Bill

The installation is called 'The Government don't give a shit about the Spanish Constitution.'

by Nathaniel Ainley
10 July 2015, 8:00am

Images courtesy of Luzinterruptus. 

Anonymous art group Luzinterruptus is responding to the enforcement of Spain’s new ‘gag law’ with glowing toilets. The Government don't give a shit about the Spanish Constitution is the group’s newest project, created out of protest for the highly controversial Protection of Public Safety Bill enacted July 1st by the Spanish Government’s majority in Parliament. The new bill has been met with serious backlash by activists and law experts in the past week. In the new project’s online description, Luzinterruptus frames the bill as a major encroachment on Spanish civil rights that targets civil movements active both online and in the streets: “It directly affects us all who work in the street as we do our interventions in public spaces," they say on their site, "without permits, expressing political views, and spreading them over the Internet.”

LED light is a recurring component of the Spanish collective’s public installations. As with previous projects, such as their previous protests against Madrid's dog poop problem and Spain's health care policy, the installation team took to the streets to express their opinion. The day the laws were first enforced Luzinterruptus went to the Plaza de la Constitucion (Constitution Square) in the neighborhood of Vallecas and lined the landmark with lit-up toilet seats, each containing an article out of the Spanish constitution related to the rights of citizens and immigrants. Each, they explain, serves "as a graphic, visual reference to what comes to our mind when we hear about such laws.”

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