27 Artists Invaded a Hamptons Barn, And This Is What Happened

This summer, go to the Hamptons for the beaches, stay for an art exhibition in a historic barn.

by Andrew Nunes
22 July 2016, 8:36pm

Summer Fling – The Barn Show exterior view. Images courtesy the artists and Johannes Vogt Gallery

Taking a vacation from the white cube to the Hamptons, New York gallerist Johannes Vogt has organised Summer Fling–The Barn Show, a group exhibition taking place in an East Hampton barn. After a successful first edition last year, the gallery has invited 27 artists working with digital mediums or whose works engage with digital culture to fill up an expansive, rustic barn.

There is no uniformity to be found in the barn; every room is a unique and complicated space in its own right. Surprisingly, some rooms in the space have white walls hung with wall works like your average gallery, but passing through a door leads you to rural wooden spaces with angular roofs filled with a wide array of digital works like a manipulated vinyl rendering of a Fuji water bottle by Yung Jake and an abstracted digital painting of Alexandra Marzella by Giovanna Olmos.

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

“The stark contrast between the old and the new brings out the digital qualities of the work even more and offers a very contemporary critical dialog to a crowd in the East end that is more acquainted with traditional art methods so we’re trying to bring something new and unknown out there,” Vogt explains. “The exhibition tried to capture this zeitgeist in a playful mode, that as an observer can be absorbed within the environment of the barn."

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

Yet the show goes beyond an attempt to imbue a rural space with works made in a starkly different context. A few of the artists approached the show as an opportunity to incorporate the barn in their works, “Some artists had the chance to make site-specific works with elements from the barn, either by making sculptures like Mario Navarro or how Rafael Rozendaal adapted his piece to be in between barn windows,” explains Vogt.

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

Summer Fling – The Barn Show installation view

The show runs until July 31st, with performances by artists Leah Schrager and Giovanna Olmos scheduled for the July 23. For directions to the East Hampton barn and more information about the exhibition, send an email to the gallery


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