[NSFW] Nude Performance Artists Recreate an Optical Illusion

But, which way is she spinning?

by Nathaniel Ainley
13 December 2016, 2:50pm

Using their own bodies in the buff, three performance artist have recreated the famous spinning dancer girl optical illusion for a new video installation entitled The Spinning Sculpture. For those unfamiliar with the illusion, the video features a spinning silhouette of a female dancer standing on one foot, kind of like a ballerina from an old music box. At first she appears to be turning clockwise, but if you watch her for long enough, you start to see her spinning the other way, too.

The multimedia art and music trio, BETA_0<3 (pronounced "Betacero Iconocorazon"), have created their own version of this illusion using 3D-scanned images of each of their bodies. As the sculpture starts to spin, it rotates through each of the three artists’ pictures. Playing over the visuals is a voice recording of someone reading off the Fibonacci sequence—a series of numbers in which each proceeding number is the sum of the two numbers that came before it. When the sculpture starts to spin faster than 0.011 seconds, you can’t distinguish which direction it's moving in. Eventually, their bodies are divided into different fragments that get mixed and matched to create glitchy composite images. “It's about transmutation through time and how everything's an illusion,” the artists tell The Creators Project.  


A video posted by BETA_0 / <3 (@beta_0project) on

The Spinning Sculpture was made and edited by the BETA_0<3 team and exhibited at the Pacific Place Gallery as a part of Amsterdam’s Friends Only virtual art festival (curated by Florian Mecklenberg). Festivalgoers could watch the piece on their phone via the hashtag: ‘#<3.’ Watch the uncensored version below:

You can check out more videos by BETA_0<3 trio on their YouTube channel or on Instagram, hear their music on Spotify, and follow the individual members here: @maria7orque@danielablume@sososugarplum


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