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Hyped: The Week In Links 8/3

Busy week? Here are some things you may have missed.

by Sami Sharaf
03 August 2012, 6:39pm

On the blog this week we saw the world through Neo’s eyes with this ASCII art version of Google Street View, spoke to Raven Kwok about his morphing shapes, “taught” you how to build your own LED etch-a-sketch in Instructables, watched The Wizard Of Oz in noisy pixelated form, skated in the dark in Koo Jeong-A’s glow-in-the dark skate park, and marvelled as Luzinterruptus went out and lit up the night sky for a good cause.

And on the world wide web…

· Teehan+Lax Labs brought ASCII art to digital painting (above), while also taking it off the screen and into the real world.

· Bar | none showed off their clever little musical instrument.

· See the rest of the world in real-time with This Is Now, an Instagram hack that crowdsources the world and brings it to you live and direct.

· And finally, let these sights and sonics smother you into the weekend with Ryan McGinley‘s new video for Sigur Ros’ Varuo—straight chillin’.


Sigur Rós
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