A Guy Allegedly Bought a $37,000 Bus on eBay While Partying in Ibiza


Aug 30 2016, 12:29am

Photo via Flickr user Romain Toornier

After taking a trip in Ibiza, one clubber is coming home with some serious buyer's remorse. Not because of the expensive drinks, food, hotel, or party tickets—but because he allegedly purchased a $37,000 bus on eBay.

As reported by Mixmag, Davie Little, a part-time DJ,was vacationing from the UK on the White Isle, and spent the night of August 23 in superclub Ushuaïa. The chain of events is unclear, but shortly after midnight, he received a notification on his phone that he had bought a Scania Irizar Century Coach on the online bidding platform for an eyebrow-raising £28,500 (which equals approximately $37,600 USD).

"WTF," he wrote upon sharing a screenshot of the purchase confirmation on Facebook. "I actually can't believe this is happening. Ibiza ruins lives!!!! #fact. P.s anybody want to buy a bus off me????" What makes the situation even worse, he told the Daily Mail, is that he couldn't even use it if he wanted to because he doesn't have a license, adding, "I messaged eBay straight away to explain I had bought the bus by accident and I am waiting to hear back from them."

Looking at eBay's Help section, Little may have some leeway. Though its policy states that "the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller" when winning or buying an item, should he choose not to pay, the seller can open an Unpaid Item case. Should he still not pay, eBay warns of consequences including "limits on or loss of buying privileges." Either way, it's a lesson learned: using your phone when drunk almost never ends well.

THUMP reached out to eBay to find out if Little actually has to pay for the bus, and to Little to see if he'll actually go through with it. We're waiting to hear back.

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