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Mr. Ties is Redefining the Limits of a Party One City at a Time

"I work with the vibe that has been created before I start, then I take it to another galaxy."

by THUMP Australia
13 April 2015, 6:25am

Anything is possible. It's a nice idea, but it starts to become believable when you encounter the work of Italian-born DJ Mr Ties. His record collection is vast, and so is his imagination, forever finding creative new ways to mix songs. The world is his playground, but Berlin is the base for Mr. Ties, whose Homopatik nights have redefined the limits of adventure for a city that already knew how to party.

This Sunday you'll find Mr Ties at Super OpenAir alongside an impressive host of like-minded local DJs. It's sure to be a highlight of an already triumphant Australian take-over.gig, During his stay the generous selector took time with THUMP to reveal some secrets of his craft, and share some gems from his collection.

THUMP: Mr. Ties, you're well known for making each set a unique experience. What are your plans for this Saturday's set at Super OpenAir? I dont go into a party with any preconceived ideas about what im going to play. I pack as many records of different genres as I can, so I have options. I like to arrive to the party a little earlier than my set time so i can see the dancers and how they are responding to the DJ that is playing before me. I work with the vibe that has been created before i start, then i take it to another galaxy. The only thing that matters is that the music is building a vibe on the dance floor. I like to encourage people to put their phones away and get lost in the music.

Talking about getting lost in music, what have been some highlights from your intensive travel schedule these past few months?
I was lucky enough to play with Motor City Drum Ensemble on New Years Eve at Trouw in Amsterdam before the club closed its doors forever. Another highlight has been playing back to back with the inspirational Spencer Parker at Bigfoot's Tea Party in Glasgow and just recently in Victoria Australia at a little festival called Inner Varnika, I played in the beautiful Australian landscape while the sunset behind me. Oh and of course Homopatik! Each and every Homopatik party is very special to me.

There doesn't seem to be any limits with your mixes, can you share with us a short playlist of songs that make you feel that anything is possible?
This one is a special Sydney lockout law dedication.
Stelvio Cipriani - Polizia Sta A Guardare (# 4)

Ennio Morricone ‎- Can Can Delle "Filly" - 1970:
Morricone is the very best.

PIERO UMILIANI -"Topless Party" (1968):
The track name speaks for itself

Armando Trovajoli - FMB Shake:

Shake! Shake!

Bebu Silvetti - Spring Rain 1976:
This track came to mind when it rained the other day.

Club Artists United - Sweet Chariot (Kerri Chandler's Big Dark Mix):
Homopatik classic!

Catch Mr Ties and his unlimited record collection as part of Super OpenAir this Sunday April 19th at Factory Theatre.