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Visit an extended universe where all the major events of 'Rick and Morty' take place on Instagram.

Oct 5 2015, 6:15pm

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In lieu of a portal gun, why not travel the Rick and Morty universe with your smartphone? Thanks to a handy little app called Instagram, you can swipe and tap your way through interdimensional portals and gun battles, or explore settings only briefly touched on in the all too short 20-minute weekly TV show, which aired its season finale, Wedding Squanchers, last night. On the @rickandmortyrickstaverse Instagram account, tags and hashtags push you from one story to the next. Each photo is captioned with Rick's gassy sarcasm, offering just enough new nar-Rick-tive to soothe the impending void that will set in next Sunday.

The Rickstaverse was created right before the beginning of Rick and Morty Season 2, but as of last night there are three more panels that offer new stories to go along with the season finale. Hold off on exploring until you watch the new stuff—there are mega spoilers inside—but it's impossible not to hear Rick's voice in your head when reading squanch like "Jazz rapping? Man, and I thought that Brad Paisley-LL Cool J collab took the biggest dump on hip hop's legacy." 

Here are a couple of our spoiler-free favorites, but you should really explore the Rickstaverse on your own once you've seen Wedding Squanchers.


Earth gettin' a little too gentrified for ya? Well click here, I got a line on some Earth-ish planets out of Federal jurisdiction.

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Planet Squanch, up ahead. Just be sure to wipe your squanches when you get there.

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Look, if you wanna just walk right into the Galactic Federation home base like you own the place, that's your perogative.

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Hurry! Tap-to-scan to activate this Jerrygotchi before those bug-brained morons steal my ideas. I should really get off my ass and send that patent letter in.

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Morty playing with himself again. Some things never change.

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