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Iconic Melbourne Venue Cherry Bar Is Going to Ban Phones at Gigs

A quick snap will be "tolerated." Filming will not.

by VICE Staff
20 February 2018, 11:22pm

Photo: Shutterstock

Cherry Bar, a longstanding live music venue on Melbourne's AC/DC Lane, is poised to ban patrons from filming bands with their phones "to protect living in the moment."

"Not entirely of course," reads a post on the venue's Facebook page. "We will tolerate a quick snap of a band. However, holding up your phone and filming an entire song is just not on. It blocks the view of those behind you, it distracts the band and it’s just uncool."

"Holding up your phone and filming songs at a live music gig is just not rock n roll. And at all times Cherry Bar must stand up for rock n roll."

The Facebook post asks its followers for their opinion, but Cherry Bar owner James Young told The Age that the idea already had "99 percent" support and was definitely happening.

"The increase in people, not just taking pictures quickly, but holding their arms up like two fucking windmills with their phone seven feet in the air recording song after song after song has become laughable," Young told The Age.

"We gotta protect what's right for rock and roll ... We're at the pointy end of a revolution here to protect living in the moment, to protect human interaction."

At the time of publishing, the bar's Facebook post had 553 comments. Highlights include:

"My main concern is with hipster randos who are not regulars filming me when dancing with my mates because am [sic] alternative girl is a novelty."

"Personally I’m more annoyed by drunk hot sweaty blokes bashing me in the head with their stupid flappy elbows but I'm not calling to have them banned."

"I was at a Guns gig a few years back and had to watch an entire song through the woman in front of me’s fucking 10 inch iPad."

"As a short person I am behind this!"