Police Solve Case After Finding Clues in Murderer’s Selfie With Victim

The photograph was posted to Facebook just hours before Cheyenne Antoine killed her best friend by strangling her with a belt.

18 January 2018, 12:46am

Antoine (right) with her victim Brittney Gargol. Via Facebook

A court case has shown how police painstakingly pieced together social media clues to solve a murder investigation in Saskatoon, Canada. This week 21-year-old Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to killing her 18-year-old best friend Brittney Gargol in 2015; investigators were able to figure out that Antoine strangled Gargol after finding a selfie the two took in the hours before her death in which the killer was wearing a belt she’d later use as the murder weapon.

Prosecutors outlined how Antoine and Gargol had been out drinking on the night of the murder. An argument escalated into a fight where Antoine hit and strangled her friend in the heat of the moment.

She then abandoned her friend’s corpse on the side of the road and posted several misleading images on Facebook in order to throw police off the scent. One post stated that Gargol was missing and asked concernedly if anyone had seen her.

Antoine originally told police that Gargol had left a bar they’d been drinking at together with an unknown man, but she later drunkenly confessed to another friend that she’d played a part in Gargol’s death.

Police used this tip to form the basis of a two-year investigation and were eventually able to use the selfie to solve the case.

Antoine, who claims she does not remember killing her friend but takes responsibility for her death, has received a seven-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

CBC Canada reports that in court Antoine expressed remorse, releasing a statement through her lawyer saying: "I will never forgive myself. Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back. I am very, very sorry... It shouldn't have ever happened.”