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Dun Dun: Law & Order Creator Dick Wolf is Making a Series About Boy Bands with Zayn Malik

No word yet whether Speed Weed will be involved.

by Issy Beech
07 September 2016, 2:55am

Image from Zayn's Instagram.

One Direction alumni, and all-round extremely attractive man Zayn Malik has yet another new project in the works. Less than six months after the release of his debut solo album Mind of Mine, and less than a week after the premiere of his collaboration with alt-pop superstar M.I.A., The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Malik is working on a TV series that will draw its inspiration from his experience with One Direction.

Working with Dick Wolf, producer and creator of the basically flawless Law and Order franchise, and his wife Noelle Wolf, Malik will be consulting on storylines and will star in the thing. Question: Anybody asked Harry about this?

Due out on NBC, the show, titled Boys, is set to chronicle the trials and triumphs of being catapulted into the world of manufactured superstardom, exploring the narratives of boy band and pop culture and all that comes with it.

No word yet on whether we’ll see series crossovers AKA Benson solving a creepy stan crime or Zayn stumbling across a dead body in central park. Stay tuned.

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