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Put Away Your Impulse Body Spray, Ladies... FKA twigs Has Her Own Perfume

The London artist is releasing her own fragrance, making this is your only chance to come remotely close to her fragrant coolness.

by Daisy Jones
04 May 2016, 9:52am

Everybody knows that FKA Twigs is the coolest person in the world (closely followed by Rihanna and Chloe Sevigny). She can make Japanese bondage ropes look completely casual; make pulling multi-coloured ribbons out of her actual vagina look surprisingly stylish; and vogue properly—not like someone’s mum after watching too many re-runs of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She is also the only British popstar that makes sex look genuinely sexy, and not like something weird and awkward that happens to other people.

Most of us are safe in the knowledge that we will never be as cool as FKA twigs. If I turned up to a night out in this outfit, for instance, my friends might assume I was going through some kind of quarter-life crisis or breakdown. That is fine. There is only room for one FKA twigs, and I, like many others, have come to accept that.

However, while you might not be able to be FKA twigs, you can now do the next best thing: smell like her. Last night, House of Matriarch founder Christi Meshell revealed that the popstar would be releasing her own custom fragrance with the brand, and it would be out later this year. “She’s very anti-establishment like I am. She doesn’t want to sell it at any retailer,” Meshell commented. “Overnight, she’s going to add it to her website. Her fans are dying for anything she drops.”

So what will it smell like? According to Meshell, it will be nothing like a “celebrity fragrance, 99 percent of which have no energetic tie to the artist — they are licensing deals.” Instead, it will be a “very personal high perfumery creation as a surprise for her fans — a channelled work of liquid music, a compounded high spirit, natural, raw and sacred.” I’m not quite sure what that last bit means, but if it means that I can come remotely close to being as cool as FKA Twigs, I am 100 percent into it.

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