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Shit We Googled This Week, Weed Edition

Coolio in Kazakhstan, Flat Eric, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Buffet, and lots of weed.

by Noisey Staff
19 April 2014, 7:07pm

How does Noisey come to be? How is the brilliance manufactured? What does it all mean, man? These are questions you might be asking this weekend. Or rather this weedkend. Weed was definitely on our minds this week. We googled it constantly. We made a list of 420 songs about it. We may have even smoked it once or twice. Weed: It really makes you think, dude. And this is what we were thinking about:

Dan Ozzi, Editor

hr brooke shields
it's pat
dan smith will teach you guitar
bob's burgers tina butts
coolio juggalo
coolio kazakhstan
Time Warner Cable
meggan lambesis
sad ozzy osbourne
mcdonalds woman wants chicken nuggets

Okay, let's talk about this video of Coolio performing in Kazakhstan. First of all, shouts out to our boy, DJ Prashkevich, killing it on the ones and twos. Also shouts out to these Kazakh babes serving as backup dancers. Kazakh ladies are apparently smoking hot. More rappers should get Kazakh video vixens. This whole show is going down in a London-themed club, and it's Coolio. #globalization. Damn, this rules. Almaty, club destination of the future.

Drew Millard, Features Editor

all the way turnt up
music is dope as fuck
xxl freshmen wale
airhorn sound effect
icp song about weed
weed jazz
wiki enya
ras trent
losing my edge lyrics
bird expert
carlos d gave me herpes
ron jeremy sucking own dick
hall & oates

There is a whole genre of pictures of Ron Jeremy sucking his own dick. Google at your own peril, but they are dope as fuck. That's the thing about music, too. It's dope. Especially weed jazz and also Hall & Oates.

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor

kanye west blog
ziggy marley spliff
jimmy buffet weed
best smoking pot songs
best weed songs
best smoking weed songs
kottonmouth things
best weed songs
weed songs
dave matthews live at red rocks 1995 setlist
pussy money weed
don't bogart that joint
ron jeremy
edm noisey
taking back sunday noisey
emo revival
a decade under the influence lyrics
great romances of the 20th century lyrics
you're so last summer lyrics
makedamnsure lyrics
there's no i in team lyrics
cute without the e lyrics
future honest
buzzfeed bros

Weed. man. It's so dope. Did you know this week is 4/20? Hopefully you're gonna sit back, light up a doob, and listen to some Dave to celebrate, you know? That's definitely Eric's plan. As soon as he's done reliving his youth, that is. Eric loves Taking Back Sunday.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor

Flat Eric
Bootie Butts
Cinema Paradiso
Turbtax (kill me)
Fruit loops
The Babadoook
Boogie man

Kim had a lot of butt-themed writeoffs on her taxes this year. Also this is Flat Eric, not this.

Kyle Kramer, Guest Editor

noisey records
can you tweet gifs
future cover story fader
auto tune the news
hot 100 2011
songs about easter
future honest
madvillain america's most blunted youtube
toby keith weed with willie
toby keith shock n y'all
animal collective discography
av club pluto review
how many people have tried molly?
future honest stream
iphone 5 charger

Kyle is trying to figure out how to charge his phone so he can keep streaming Honest. He also likes weed songs, but he especially likes Animal Collective, which is a whole weed genre. Have you guys ever smoked weed and listened to Animal Collective? If you've ever done the latter, the answer to the former is presumably yes. Have you seen the cover of Meriweather Post Pavilion?

Want more insight into the minds of the Noisey staff? Here's what we were listening to this week. And here are 420 songs about weed.

Noisey Blog
Dave Matthews
Taking Back Sunday
Flat Eric
Flat Eric Sundermann
how is this the first time we've ever used the Kazakhstan tag?
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