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Experience Some Subtle Antagonism and Veiled Threats From San Francisco Punks Life Stinks

The video for “When Next We Meet” lurches with some bleak and bruising vibes.

by Tim Scott
04 April 2016, 2:11am

So if the name isn’t already a dead giveaway, Life Stinks is a great bummed out punk band from San Francisco. Their second album, You’ll Never Make It released last year on S-S Records deserves to be heard by more people.

A new video to the track/subtle threat “When Next We Meet” has recently been released and captures the four-piece's subtle antagonism and unease.

Filmed and edited by the band’s guitarist Troy Hewitt, the video features vocalist Chad Kawamura, eating what looks like fried chicken and spouting some beautifully malignant vibes. “You’re a child of your parents, for this there is no cure”, he spits in a piece of passive aggression that’s perfect for scummy landlords, bartenders and regional managers.

‘You’ll Never Make It’ is available now on SS-Records.