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Meet Geelong Band Hierophants

The punks are heading to Sydney to play the final leg of THE NEXT ON TOUR series.

by Noisey Staff
24 March 2016, 4:00am

JD Future Legends & Noisey present THE NEXT ON TOUR series of summer gigs. Hitting six metro and regional cities around the nation,THE NEXT ON TOUR will showcase some Australia’s rising musical talent.

Geelong’s Hierophants team up with Sydney’s The Rangoons and Tim & The Boys for a big night of rock in Manly at Moonshine at the Hotel Steyne, Friday April 1. Entry is free but you need to RSVP now!

The Sydney vs Melbourne debate can stale quickly, so for the final NEXT ON TOUR show we are sending Hierophants, a Geelong band, to Manly to play alongside Sydneysiders the Rangoons and Tim & The Boys. Don’t worry, they are all friends. They all rock.

Hierophants have been exciting us for a while with their blend of herky punk rock and pop smarts. Made up of members of Ausmuteants, Frowning Clouds and ORB, the four piece bust out punk with a frantic urgency. Check their video for “Pnueumatic Drill” if you need some visual proof of how good they are. Ahead of the show we spoke with the band’s Jake Robertson about music and location.

Noisey: First up: Melbourne or Sydney?
Jake Robertson: Geelong rules. Newcastle rules.

What is the coolest label in Australia at the moment?
Who did Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother?

Who are the coolest musicians in Australia?
Victoria: Daff Gravolin from ORB. Sydney: Ben Warnock from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and Red Red Krovvy. Brisbane: Skye from Bent. Canberra: Danny Wild from Moontown Records. Newcastle: Nicholas French from Crab Smasher.

What involvement have you had with Rangoons and Tim & the Boys?
I've known most members of each band for years and I love not only their music tastes but also them as people.

Are there any unwritten rules about sharing backline?
Yeah; share it or GTFO. Now it's written.

Have there been instances when a band has refused to share their gear with you?
Every American band I've played with outside of Lumpy & The Dumpers and Big Zit.

What do you think of ‘fan made’ YouTube videos?
I love it when some effort has been made. It’s a bit naff when there are 60 iPhone recordings of a gig where we played shitty.

Have you ever been intimidated by any musicians you’ve shared a stage/show with?
Nah. I don't think so. Most people are just regular dudes.

This article is presented in partnership with JD Future Legends.

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