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Schockglatze's "Warlord" Is the Dancy Bass Slap to End Your Weekend

The German-bred group serve up border breaking danceable goodness.

by John Hill
30 May 2016, 5:20pm

When you name a track “Warlord," you better hope you come correct with something to get nuts over, and justify the punch of the song title. In Schockglatze’s case there is no doubt however that both, song and video, are of true warlordian quality. Spänk, Nik Nowak and Moritz Stumm, the trio behind the weirdly-beautiful band name know what they’re doing. They create a sound that blends in organic and electronic instruments, heavy jungle-like drums set the surface for a ringing and flickering synth-line.

It develops a mix that you won't be able to refrain from dancing to. The band originates from Germany and yet they buit a song that transcends borders in the vibe, the melodies, and the vocals. The visuals going along with it are what every art-school overacheiver hopes to do one day.

Check the video and spend your last couple of bucks on Schockglatze’s new Warlord EP (including remix by Hyperdub’s Ikonika) out on Through My Speakers