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LCD Soundsystem Are Playing Their First Two Reunion Shows in New York This Weekend

LCD Soundsystem is "Back from the Dead" on Easter, and there's a lottery for tickets.

by Noisey Staff
24 March 2016, 2:48pm

Image via LCD Soundsystem on Twitter

This past Christmas, James Murphy released a new song. There were rumors that his band, LCD Soundsystem, might be coming back. A couple weeks later, those rumors were confirmed, via the announcement of a reunion performance at Coachella. Soon after, Murphy announced plans for a new LCD album and tour, bumming some fans out but getting plenty of others excited. Sure enough, festival headlining dates have been pouring out, including gigs headlining days at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Panorama, a new New York City festival from the same promoters as Coachella.

Now, in partnership with Panorama, LCD have announced their very first shows, this coming Sunday and Monday in New York City at the city's iconic Webster Hall. Billed as "LCD Soundsystem Back from the Dead"—because, get it, it's Easter—it's well, the resurrection of the band in their home city. Obviously that's going to be an in-demand ticket, so there's a lottery you can enter via Webster Hall's website to win the chance to buy a ticket. Check out the full flier below and enter the lottery through Webster Hall here.

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