PREMIERE: Flowers of Evil are the Old School Punk Band You've Been Waiting For

Open your "SS Eyes" already.
28 August 2015, 1:28pmUpdated on 03 December 2015, 12:41am

"SS Eyes" by NYC's Flowers of Evil is a fist punch of first-era punk from members of A Place to Bury Strangers and Crocodiles. The song's video, premiering below, seethes with the anti-authoritarian rage and political paranoia that make Flowers of Evil such a distinctly urban band. Its snottiness is right on par with The Sex Pistols or The Germs. That said, it can be hard to pull off this kind of vintage feel without sounding overly derivitive, but something about this timeless blast of insurgent punk feels just as relevant as ever. Watch this and open your "SS Eyes," because Flowers of Evil are the band you didn't know you needed.

Check out the video directed by David Del Sur and purchase their self-titled first album here from Deranged Records.