PREMIERE: Listen to Good Morning’s Ridiculously Catchy Pop Then Smash Your Head in a Jealous Rage

The Melbourne duo have a knack of writing effortless and breezy pop and we hate them for it.

10 November 2014, 12:06am

Meet Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, two Melbourne fellas who are going by the name of Good Morning and dropping the most ridiculously catchy and seemingly effortless pop songs going. Apparently they are super nice guys too. Bastards.

Their debut digital and cassette EP Shawcross is eight tracks of that swirling pop created by people with a melody chromosome that less than 3-per-cent of the population possess. McCartney had it. Beck had it but lost it.

We are not sure if Good Morning have any shows on the horizon but we’d be keen to check them out if only to heckle at their pop smarts and talent.

We spoke to the guys on the day of the EP's release.

Noisey: The album was recorded in a dreary winter in Eltham but it sounds like sunny California.
Liam Parsons: There wasn’t really ever a conscious effort to make it sound like sunny pop music. We just used the gear that we had to get the sounds that we wanted and it was how it panned out. We pretty much wrote it all in summer so maybe that’s something.

You met in high school. Who was more likely to get a detention?
Liam Parsons: We went to a kind of weird high school that didn’t really believe in punishment for anything at all, so it’s hard to say. The principal’s son once dropped a tin of paint out a third story window onto a sports car and he didn’t get shit for that, so we were pretty safe. But if we had of gone to a ‘school’ school then probably Stefan.

Your songs sound so relaxed and easy. Are they? Did it take you long to write them?
Stefan Blair: They were written at the end of a long stint of doing nothing at all so maybe we were well practiced at being relaxed and easy. It took us no time at all to write the songs maybe that’s why they’re all a bit half assed. It took 100 times longer to actually record them.

What is the best pop album you are listening to right now?
Stefan Blair: It depends what you mean by pop I suppose. In terms of chart toppin’ pop there’s not really too much going on that we listen to a whole lot. But we’ve been listening to In The Shower by Homeshake a fair bit, and that’s poppy as shit. Oh, and Melted by Ty Segall. It’s just full of hits.

"Shawcross" is available now through Solitaire.