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Watch Pandr Eyez's Unsettling Video for "Cinematic"

Priests. Inherently so creepy.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
20 March 2014, 2:14pm

After a long while beavering away in the studio, Anglo-American duo Pandr Eyez broke their silence last month when we premiered the juddering, don't-mess-pop of "Brr." Now they're switching it up again with the video for "Cinemetic" (premiering above). Directed by Stephen Bevan and set in a derelict church, a congregation sits glassy-eyed as a priest delivers an increasingly impassioned sermon. Then shit gets really weird. And creepy. Musically "Cinematic" is a world away from the "Brr," showcasing a softer, more soulful side to PE's sheeny modern R&B.

The song is lifted from their current five-track EP, Present, which you can download for free here:


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