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On the Road (and in McDonald’s Bathrooms) With Philly Punks Burp!

The scuzzy punks aren’t letting a North American winter and shitty highway food get in the way of good time tour fun.

by Tim Scott
08 January 2016, 2:29am

Kody Snyder messaged on Facebook to let me know that he’s trying to upload his band’s seven-inch record onto Soundcloud but it may take a while. “McDonald’s internet connection has me at like 3-4 hour upload time for a 4-minute EP LOL", he types from under the golden arches somewhere outside Kansas City.

Snyder and his Philadelphia punk band Burp! are one week into a 16- day Mid-West tour that will include a stop at This is Austin, Not that Great festival whose bonkers lineup includes; the Coneheads, Warthog, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Glue, Institute, Wiccans and more.

Snyder says that besides shitty fast food and slow Internet speed tour so far has been good and they are looking forward to playing more shows. The band's new 7” Doldrums is available on tape for the tour and will be released on 7” vinyl through Berlin label No Good Records in late February/early March.

Noisey: Where are you right now?
Kody Snyder: Well, we all just got done eating at Arthur Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City. We are just sitting around and waiting around to play at Gacy's Place later tonight with Laffing Gas, Fine Young Casuals, and Deacons.

How has tour been?
So far, so good. I couldn't have asked for a better lineup of days, bands to play with, and cities for our first tour. Luckily we have avoided any serious snowfall or bad weather, despite the time of year. I did dislocate my shoulder in Chicago but it's probably been my favorite show.

Have there been any altercations?
Not really an altercation but probably the sketchiest incident would be the girl who came to our Chicago show and offered a bunch of heroin before the show. Awful.

You are playing some shows with the always great Crazy Spirit. Are there any other bands on the tour that you are especially excited for?
I got really lucky when booking this tour, everything has lined up pretty perfectly. A lot of bands were headed down to Austin for This is Austin, Not So Great. So far, my favorite bands we've played with have been GUSH, The Warden and Laffing Gas. All of us are pretty excited to be playing with Urochromes, Chainshot, Big Bleach, Ex-Cult, and Quitter, among many others.

Is “K-Hole” in reference to an actual place or state of mind?
It's about my hometown of Kutztown, PA. I got the idea from my roommate, Brendan. We both wasted a lot of life there and went through a lot of shit. It's a small town where everyone knows one another, not much really happens, and it'll trap you in, if you let it. It's been tough to stay away from but I moved away to Philadelphia last year.

Catch Burp! at these shows:
Jan 11 - Fort Worth with Crazy Spirit
Jan 12 – Memphis with Crazy Spirit
Jan 13 – Nashville with Crazy Spirit/Urochromes
Jan 14 – Greensboro with Urochromes
Jan 15 – Baltimore with/ Urochromes
Jan 16 – New Castle

'Doldrums' is available now.