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The Prettiots Are Over Lame Boys and Cold Weather - Here's "Move to LA"

This video involves vaping and hoverboards and ice cream.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
08 February 2016, 1:24pm

"It's so hard to move on this February day," sings ukulele player and singer Kay Kasparhauser. Man, we hear that. 'Tis the bleakest month of the year—not least because of the romance commodification shitshow—thank you V-Day. But really, this song is about upping sticks and leaving the bone-chilling cold for the 72 and sunny beauty of Los Angeles. It's about leaving behind that deadbeat lover who can't even afford to spot you a cup of coffee 'cos he needs his pennies for cigs. If anything this video and song will be an inspirational few minutes, to, if not move, then change your life a little. Or maybe you'll just turn up the space heater, recline on the couch and float away.

We last premiered the NYC band's Richard Kern-directed video "Boys (I Dated in High School)," which was deliciously tongue-in-cheek and featured some dishy boys. This was back when Rachel Trachtenberg was part of their gang. Now they're a dup and last Friday they celebrated the releas of their debut album Funs Cool [sic] via Rough Trade and this single is a melancholy, harmony-swaddled song that could easily soundtrack a Wes Anderson-directed (extremely short) short.

"Um we made a music video about how everyone wants to move from New York to LA in the winter, it involved a lot of vaping and hoverboards and ice cream which I'm pretty sure are all on the california state flag," explains Kasperhauser. "I dont plan on moving to LA."

Or as bassist Lulu Landolfi put it: "It's fkn lit."

The Prettiots debut LP Funs Cool is out now on Rough Trade.