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Laurice’s ‘Big Boy’ Is Not For the Prudish or Those Allergic to Leather

“His pole went straight through my heart”

by Noisey Staff
24 May 2016, 11:03am

The gay performer using campy sexual double entrendre for humor and entertainment has become as big a gay cliché as the guy from Will and Grace.

But on his song “Big Boy”, Laurice doesn’t have time for smirky entrendre, as all he is thinking about is picking up a hot leatherman with an enormous dick.

Taken from his most recent album G.A.Y.D.A.R., the video has Laurice singing about dragging home a hot stud from the leather bar and becoming his bitch for the night. Despite the low budget video and cheap Casio production, the song is amazingly catchy and will have even the homophobes singing along to , “he’s a big, big, big boy”.

Laurice, who will forever be known for “When Christine Comes Around”, the 1973 cult punk classic he co-wrote/performed with Simon Godd under the name Grudge, says that “Big Boy” has a more direct approach.

“It was originally written for a very well known punk rock band who passed on the song because they didn't like the piano on the track! The song connects with the gay leather subculture. It’s a humorous ode to many leathermen's dream of a hot dude to take home and enjoy for the night and beyond. It’s become a favorite of both gay and straight people alike.”

'G.A.Y.D.A.R.' is available now through Mighty Mouth Music.

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