Chook Race Are Thinking of Thoreau on New Single ‘At Your Door’

The Melbourne pop rockers get philosophical on the track from their upcoming album.

by Rachel Wilson
28 January 2016, 11:42pm

Chook Race’s new single “At Your Door” sounds like you’ve stumbled across the band rehearsing in their garage, in a good way. The trio create an urgent DIY feel on the new track—taken from their upcoming second LP Around The House— which is unsurprising given that the entire record was recorded in a single day.

The simplicity of the guitar rhythms chimes with the song’s lyrics: “I build a house out of wood and clay / Yeah, the only tools you need to get away”. It’s reminiscent of a fleeting feeling for adventure, but one that comes and goes whilst you’re lounging in your backyard.

“I suppose it toys with the idea of living a romantic Thoreau-esque existence in my head,” says the band’s Matt Liveriadis. “You know, plain living–high thinking with a little house I build myself, crops I raise from dust… Only to snap out of it all.”

Catch Chook Race playing their whimsical new tune at Monday Night Mass at Northcote Social Club on 1 Feb, or wait for their new LP to be released on Tenth Court later this year.

Rachel Wilson is lounging on a hammock out in the backyard. Follow her @iillson