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Hear Beach Slang Go Acoustic on "Too Late to Die Young"

A new song from the sentimental nostalgic heroes of the American Northeast.

by Dan Ozzi
29 January 2015, 4:50pm

Beach Slang, everybody's most favoritest, guitar-slingingest, sweater vest-wearingest sentimental nostalgic heroes of the American Northeast still have yet to put out an album. The rabid following they’ve amassed in their short tenure as a band has had to survive off of the crumbs they’ve seen fit to bestow upon us while they work on their full-length debut—a four-song EP here, another four-song EP there. Now, the Philadelphians have dangled another morsel in front of our faces with a single from Lame-O Records’ new compilation, Strength in Weakness.

Their contribution to the comp, “Too Late to Die Young,” is their softest song to date—a solo acoustic jam that frontman James Alex sings through a hushed whisper. “It's about being hung up on what's the fucking point?” he tells us. “And then remembering all the things that answer that: Amazing records, drunk dancing, cheap beer, sweet friends, honest laughter. All these small things that—reallyare fucking everything.”

The proceeds from Strength in Weakness, which features five other bands including Modern Baseball and Spraynard (listen to their songs below), go to benefit United Cerebral Palsy so dig deep when purchasing it here.